Covid-19 Response

The Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of COVID-19 on March 12, 2020. That resulted in security measures and containment across the country. The community received the news with fear and uncertainty. Schools closed indefinitely and have resulted in many children being at home. In the rural set up there has been an increase in gender-based violence. Many rural homes within Kajiado County continue to struggle to have their basic needs met. Many families have lost their livelihoods as markets closed and many families can’t access proper sanitation measures and lack adequate health resources and information. These harmful effects most severely impact children, women (mostly widowed and living with HIV/AIDS), and youth.

Our Covid-19 Response Report:

Major Challenges Faced By Children, Women and Youth During COVID-19

Increased rates of gender-based violence Female Genital Mutilation and forced marriages.
Lack of sexual and reproductive health resources and education, leading to rising numbers of unintended pregnancy
Financial, health, and social restrictions.
Household hunger due to market closures (we provided food to vulnerable families)
Children were out of school for a year. Rural schools lack the infrastructure to enable online learning (introduce remedial classes)
Youth Unemployment due to markets closing and other informal places they work.

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