Burden of a Maasai Woman/Girl

The life of a Maasai girl is riddled with responsibilities from a very young age. This coupled with ownership by male figures all their lives and a rampant rate of illiteracy makes for women who are not empowered to become problem solvers or providers in the families that they carry most of the burden for. […]

Worth of educating a Maasai Woman/Girl

Worth of educating a Maasai Woman/Girl “Lacking inclusive and impartial quality education, and long-lasting opportunities for all,  countries/communities cannot achieve gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty that’s  leaving various children, youth, and adults behind.”  Gender inequality is recognized because it is the main reason for poverty among the  Maasai community, causing a high […]

Patinaai Osim is a term of endearment, used by Maasai mothers preserved for their children, loosely translates to, “my little one who brings me joy”


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